How to Build Your Winter Emergency Car Kit

A 2020 Land Rover Defender driving through a snow drift in winter

If you think dealing with West Chester snow and ice makes for difficult driving, keep in mind that winter weather is stressful for your vehicle, too! Even for Philadelphia drivers who stay on top of their car’s recommended maintenance schedule, mechanical issues are more likely to occur in extreme weather. If you do experience vehicle issues while on the road, a well-stocked emergency tool kit for cars will include tools to get you back up and running, as well as extra supplies if you need to wait for help.

What do you need to build the best car emergency kit? Below, the experts at Land Rover West Chester weigh in on crucial items for any winter emergency car kit. Contact our service center to find out how to avoid car issues on the road, familiarize yourself with Land Rover dash warning lights, and more!

What to Include in an Emergency Tool Kit

Whether you buy a premade winter emergency car kit or build one piece by piece, make sure your kit includes the following key items:

  • Battery jumper cables — Jumper cables are among the most useful supplies for Exton drivers. That’s especially true in the winter months, when a dead car battery can mean a long wait in low temperatures.
  • Portable jump starter — If you don’t want to rely on another driver to juice up your battery, keep a portable charger in your trunk. Just remember to give it a fresh charge before heading out.
  • Ice scraper — Most drivers already keep an ice scraper and snow brush on hand, but it’s worth the investment to get a high-quality version that is more efficient to use.
  • Brush scraper — Be sure to stow a brush scraper for clearing your windshield of snow and ice. If you find your car blanketed in snow, remember to brush away snow that might blow off your roof and block the view of other drivers.
  • Portable shovel — A snow shovel is useful when you need to clear snow or slush away from your car wheels, and a collapsible shovel will fit better in your trunk.
  • Kitty litter or sand — Chester Springs drivers swear by keeping a package of kitty litter or sand handy. Sprinkle it in front of your wheels when the surface is too slippery to gain traction.

What to Include in a Winter Car Safety Kit

Rough winter weather can delay Land Rover roadside assistance emergency vehicles, so if you’re stranded, you might be in for a wait. Be prepared with these supplies to keep you warm and comfortable until help arrives:

  • Flashlight – If your car battery dies and the sun goes down, make sure you’re not left in the dark! Remember to pack backup batteries.
  • Signaling cones, roadside triangles, and reflective vest — Especially helpful if you’re stuck on the highway shoulder, these items ensure oncoming traffic can see you.
  • Basic first-aid kit – Always have supplies for attending to cuts, and extra of any medications for specific health needs.
  • Cell-phone car charger – Make sure you don’t lose charge when you need your phone to contact emergency services. You can also pack a portable power bank, to be sure you have power even if your car battery dies.
  • Warm, waterproof clothing – Keep a small duffel packed with warm gloves and hats, a blanket, plus boots and a rain poncho if you need to leave the vehicle in extreme weather. Anti-bacterial cleaning wipes and rags will always come in handy, too.
  • Water and snacks –If you’re waiting a while, you’ll be glad you had the forethought to stock your car with that case of bottled water and bag of trail mix!

Prepare for Winter Driving with Land Rover West Chester!

If you have any more questions about how to check your transmission fluid, stocking your winter car safety kit, how to sanitize your car, or Land Rover maintenance issues, contact our service team. We’re happy to provide info on Land Rover service perks for drivers in Exton and Chester Springs. Ask us about our VIP Service program and service specials!

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