What is the Land Rover HomeLink?

October 30th, 2017 by

Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Land Rover models come equipped with a lot of technology features that Wayne, PA drivers appreciate, and the Land Rover HomeLink feature is one of them. This system allows you to program certain elements of your home, such as your garage door opener, right into a button already established in your Land Rover model. By doing this, you can eliminate clunky objects taking up space inside the cabin of your Land Rover model and instead enjoy a more organized ride.

How it Works

Programming your Land Rover HomeLink system is relatively easy. First, you want to be sure your garage door opener has a new set of batteries installed inside it. This will help you have a more accurate set up and get your HomeLlink ready to use more quickly.

  • Clear your HomeLink: Press and hold the two outside buttons on your HomeLink system, which is located on the rearview mirror of your Land Rover model. Keep holding until your indicator light changes from a solid color to flashing.
  • Press the HomeLink button you want to program, and it will start to blink slowly. Press and hold your garage door opener 1-3 inches away from your HomeLink system. Continue to press and hold until your HomeLink indicator light changes from a slow blink to either a fast blink or a solid color.
  • Press your HomeLink button. If activated, it will show a solid color and also begin to operate your garage door opener.

Find Yours at Land Rover West Chester

Newtown Square, PA drivers prefer the Land Rover models for their technology, and the HomeLink system is one of these great options. If you want to learn more about HomeLink or get a Land Rover model for yourself, be sure to visit Land Rover West Chester, which is located at 1568 West Chester Pike in West Chester, PA. We have a great selection of vehicles to choose from, or you can learn about our vehicle specials by contacting us at (800) 445-0819.