Land Rover and Jaguar Partner with Shell for In-Car Gas App

March 7th, 2017 by

Over the last few years, Land Rover and Jaguar have revolutionized the automotive industry with a variety of in-car tech innovations designed to make your driver and passenger experience more comfortable and convenient while also keeping you fully connected to the world. The latest innovation comes in the form of a partnership with Shell for an all-new, in-car gas app, which will allow you to pay for your gas without having to reach into your wallet or purse to grab your credit card. Get ready for this nifty feature on new Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles at Land Rover West Chester.

Listening to Customers’ Desires

The team at Jaguar Land Rover understands the needs and desires of its customers, and they’re always looking to bring on the next big thing. “In a world where cash is no longer king, customers are increasingly using electronic payments and contactless cards,” said Peter Virk, the director of connected car and future technology for the company. “Making a payment directly from a car’s touchscreen will make refueling quicker and easier. With this new system, you can choose any pump at the gas station and pay for the fuel, even if you’ve forgotten your wallet or can’t find your credit or debit card.”

How Does it Work?

When you pull up to a Shell station in a vehicle equipped with the in-car gas app, all you’ll have to do is choose how much fuel you want to have pumped into your car and pay for it via your PayPal or Apple Pay account on the vehicle’s Jaguar/Land Rover InControl Touch infotainment screen. Once you’ve paid for the gas, you’ll receive a receipt on the display screen, which will also be emailed directly to you.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning of what will soon be possible with this feature that connects your vehicle to your payment methods. In the coming years, you can expect in-car payment apps like this to also let you pay for things like:

  • Drive-thru fast food
  • Parking spaces
  • Parking lot fees
  • Tolls

More About InControl Apps

The upcoming Shell in-car gas app will be installed on new Land Rover and Jaguar models, but you’ll already find InControl Apps installed on a variety of these luxury vehicles. This premium technology provides easy access to a range of your favorite smartphone apps on your vehicle’s touchscreen interface, allowing you to stream music, listen to internet radio stations, place phone calls, and much more.

Get Ready for the Arrival of the Shell Gas App

The Shell in-car gas app will arrive soon! Find out more by talking with the team at Land Rover West Chester, serving all of your luxury auto needs at 1568 West Chester Pike in West Chester, PA. Contact us directly with any questions you might have.

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