When to Use Low Gear

Putting your vehicle in low gear is recommended if you are about to go down a steep hill, or about to descend on a long downgrade. Learn more about using low gear for any challenging road conditions or off-roading around Philadelphia, and contact Land Rover West Chester if you have any questions!

What is Low Gear in a Car?

When a vehicle is in low gear, it means that the vehicle speed is low relative to the engine speed. Driving in low gear means that your brakes don’t have to do as much work to keep the vehicle at a low speed when fighting gravity.

  • Manual Transmission: You will have to manually downshift into a lower gear when getting ready to drive down a steep hill.
  • Automatic Transmission: This system shifts gears automatically, but you can still prepare your vehicle for a long descent. When approaching a hill, gently take your foot off the gas and your car will automatically shift into a lower gear if it is not going too fast. Then simply maintain the desired slow speed to keep your automatic vehicle in a lower gear.

Why Use Low Gear When Going Downhill?

If you are in a higher gear while going down a steep hill or driving on even a slight a downgrade for a long time, your brakes can become overheated, which could lead to brake failure. Before a downgrade, shifting to low gear allows the engine braking system to save your brakes from absorbing the brunt of the force.

When Else Can I Use Low Gear?

  • Steep Ascents: If you are into offroading or if you frequently drive up steep hills, a low gear can be handy because it will provide a quicker engine response with less rollback.
  • Slippery Roads: If you encounter icy or muddy road conditions in Exton, switching to low gear can help keep your vehicle at a safe speed without having to brake, which ultimately reduces the risk of wheels slipping and loss of traction.

Rely on Land Rover West Chester for More Automotive Tips

Whether you are ready to take on uncharted territory in a new Land Rover SUV or you want to be prepared for on-road challenges in Chester Springs, Land Rover West Chester can help. Learn more about tire care tips and how to check tire tread depth, or find out what off-roading services you’ll need to get your vehicle ready for adventure.