Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil: What’s the Difference?

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When it comes to helping Philadelphia and Exton drivers, we take pride in our service center. You won’t find a wider range of automotive services and maintenance experts anywhere, and we’re here to help all our customers with all of their car care needs, including understanding the difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil. If you’ve been scratching your head and wondering, “What’s the difference between full synthetic oil and synthetic blend?” then this guide is for you! Read on to learn more about car oil, and then contact us with any remaining questions!

What is Regular Car Oil?

Conventional or “regular” oil is a petroleum-based substance that is distilled from crude oil mined from the earth. For years, it has been the go-to for internal combustion engines, serving as an effective lubricant to protect internal engine components, reduce engine wear, and protect the engine from high temperatures. This is just one part of knowing the difference between synthetic and conventional oil.

What are the Properties of Synthetic Oil?

Like regular oil, synthetic oil is petroleum-based. Its lubricating properties are more prominent, and it’s also a more stable substance. Synthetic oil is less susceptible to oxidation, and it tends to be better at retaining its protective properties. These superior protective properties are developed from petrochemicals in intense processes, which is why synthetic oil is more expensive than regular oil. Additionally, synthetic oil also provides these key benefits:

  • Less viscous at lower temperatures
  • Enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Better protection of turbocharger components in turbocharged engines

With the exception of some high-performance vehicles, most do not require synthetic oil. Still, some drivers find that it’s worth the extra cost because of its superior performance. Often, the properties of synthetic oil help it last longer between oil changes, so you may even find that the cost evens out pretty well in the end!

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil: Which Do I Want?

So is there a difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil? Yes! While they do the same thing, providing lubrication to the engine, conventional oil can’t compete when it comes to synthetic oil. Because synthetic oils are made using a higher quality base, their performance is much better, and they are often longer lasting because they are harder to break down. 

Full Synthetic Oil vs. Synthetic Blends

In addition to comparing synthetic oil vs. regular oil, you may also want to consider full synthetic oil vs. synthetic blends. Synthetic blends can be a great option for drivers who are interested in the properties of synthetic oil, but would like to save a bit on the cost. As the name suggests, synthetic blends are composed of part synthetic and part regular oil. You can reduce the synthetic cost while still enjoying better performance than regular oil. This of course means that you won’t get as much of a performance boost as you’d expect to get from a full synthetic blend. Before you switch over to a synthetic blend, make sure to check your owner’s manual. If your vehicle requires full synthetic oil, that’s what you should stick with. Otherwise, any vehicle that recommends regular oil can safely take full synthetic or a synthetic blend. 

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