Improve Your Car's Fuel Economy with Regular Maintenance

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There are lots of reasons why sticking to your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule is a good idea. It allows our team to provide you with routine services like oil changes, brake inspections, and tire rotations. It also gives us a regular window to check out your car and stop any minor problems from getting out of hand and causing damage. But did you know that routine maintenance can optimize your fuel economy? It’s true! Keeping up with your vehicle’s regularly-scheduled maintenance can be a boost to your fuel efficiency on the Philadelphia roads. The service team at Land Rover West Chester has more details on how to optimize your fuel economy in the guide below.

How to Improve Fuel Economy with Vehicle Maintenance

Here are some of the most important ways that bringing your car in for its regularly-scheduled service appointments can improve your fuel economy:

  • Proper tire care: Your tires have a tremendous effect on your fuel efficiency, so if they’re under, or overinflated, your gas mileage will suffer. Tire pressure isn’t something that most drivers spend a lot of time thinking about, but a quick inspection at the service center can improve your fuel efficiency! 
  • Replace your air filters: Over time, your engine air filters can get clogged or dirty, which means they aren’t working at proper capacity. This means that your engine won’t be as efficient and won’t accelerate as smoothly. Regularly changing your air filters is an easy way to improve your fuel economy and your car’s acceleration power.
  • Replace your oxygen sensor: This is a less common service, but a failing oxygen sensor in your car can degrade your fuel efficiency by anything from 15 to 40%! While you can wait until the oxygen sensor gets faulty enough to activate the Check Engine light, you can also get it replaced regularly at a maintenance appointment.
  • Use the right oil: You should always stick to the type of motor oil recommended by your car’s manufacturer. For example, does your car require conventional or synthetic oil? What’s the ideal viscosity? Should you use a thinner or thicker oil? We can help with all of this at your next appointment!
  • Switch out your spark plugs: Just like the air filters, worn-out spark plugs can be a major drain on your fuel efficiency. Even if they’re still usable, old spark plugs have a much higher chance of misfiring and damaging your vehicle, so we’ll switch them out regularly. 

Other Ways to Boost Your Fuel Efficiency

In addition to bringing your vehicle in for proper maintenance, there are some easy ways you can improve your fuel efficiency just by making a few new driving habits on Exton roads. We’ve got a full post with details, but here’s a quick overview you what you can do:

  • Apply the accelerator and brake pedal slowly, rather than hammering down on them.
  • Coast to a stop when safe, and when driving downhill.
  • Keep your speed moderate on the highway, generally between 55 and 65 mph.
  • Avoid stop-and-go traffic whenever possible.
  • Use your air conditioner sparingly. 

Keep Your Ride in Top Condition at Land Rover West Chester!

If it’s time for one of your regular service appointments, you can schedule an appointment on our website! We’ll take care of everything and get you back on the Chester Springs roads in no time. You can take advantage of our service specials if you’re interested in saving on your appointment. And be sure to check out our service tips and tricks for more ways to keep your vehicle running in the best condition possible!


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