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The 2016 Land Rover LR4 safety features and rugged design provide Wayne and Melbourne, PA drivers with an attractively engineered wheeled fortress designed to protect cabin occupants under even the most challenging driving conditions. To help illustrate this, we’ve asked the experts at Land Rover of West Chester to outline the safety systems offered on the Land Rover LR4. We think it’s easy to see why this capable Sport Utility Vehicle has become a go-to choice for those seeking secure adventure.

Passenger Protection

Protecting cabin occupants in the event of an accident is the number one job of the Land Rover LR4, and it does so beautifully with abundant features that include:

  • Steel-Reinforced Construction – Heavy use of lightweight, high-strength steel in the Land Rover LR4 body helps to ensure that the cabin remains intact during low-speed crashes.
  • Crumple Zones – Strategically designed crumple zones help to absorb more of the force of a front or rear impact, protecting passengers from direct harm and helping to ensure the integrity of the cabin.
  • Advanced Airbags – Driver and front passenger and side head curtain airbags help to shelter passengers and provide the additional padding needed to prevent serious injury in the event of a crash.

Accident Prevention

The Land Rover LR4 delivers impressive standard traction systems and optional driver assist technology to help drivers avoid collisions so that passenger protection isn’t necessary:

  • Advanced Braking – Standard ABS with Emergency Brake Assist help drivers to provide sufficient force to stop the vehicle, even during emergency maneuvers, without fear that the brakes will lock up.
  • Traction Control – Standard and available features like Hill Descent Control, Roll Stability Control, Electronic Traction Control, and an Electronic Air Suspension with Terrain Response helps drivers to maintain superior control of the vehicle no matter what the terrain.
  • Trailering Control – In order to keep trailer sway to a minimum, the Land Rover LR4 offers Trailer Stability Assist, which detects the natural movement of the trailer as it sways at over 50 MPH and adjusts automatically to prevent the vehicle from losing control of its load.
  • Driver Assist Technology – In order to help drivers avoid accidents caused by sudden vehicle stops and vehicles that suddenly appear in the blind spot, the Land Rover LR4 offers advanced technology like Blind Spot Monitoring, Front and Rear Parking Aids, Front Parking Distance Indicator, and Closing Vehicle Sensing as options on selected models.
  • Rearview Camera – Not only does the camera offer the practical benefit of allowing drivers to trailer confidently, it also allows them to avoid obstacles and pedestrians which may be hidden behind the large vehicle. Drivers simply engage reverse and the dash-mounted touchscreen clearly displays the area directly behind the vehicle.

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For more information about the 2016 Land Rover LR4 safety features and advanced design, and how they can make your Wayne or Melbourne, PA, commute more secure, contact Land Rover of West of Chester at (800) 445-0819 or visit our showroom at 1568 West Chester Pike, in West Chester, PA.