Top 5 Gyms in West Chester

gym-west-chester There are few universals in life, but for better or worse one of them is the need to incorporate exercise into a busy lifestyle. Being able to go for a lengthy outdoor jog every day, or even most days, would be a wonderful luxury, but for most people it is not a reality, especially with the changeable climate of Pennsylvania. Fortunately, for residents of the area, West Chester has a variety of great gyms that are all conveniently located with great facilities for just about any exercise needs. And if you prefer outdoor exercise, check out the best bike shops in Wilmington, DE to get started.

These are the top five gyms in West Chester, Pennsylvania:

Elite Gym and FitnessCenter

To say that Elite Gym and Fitness Center is not your run-of-the-mill exercise facility would be an understatement. This business is so committed to catering to their clients’ individual needs that membership to this gym is actually restricted to 900 members total. However, if you take advantage of one of the surprisingly affordable membership packages, you will gain access to a wide choice of modern exercise machines and weight training equipment without the typical crowds competing for space. The personal training here is also top notch, and there is a refreshing lack of hidden fees, with everything from parking to towels included in the straightforward membership cost.

ACAC Wellness andFitness Center

A simple tour of the ACAC Wellness and Fitness Center location in West Chester is enough to convince anyone of this gym’s extraordinary quality. This is no ordinary fitness center, but rather a remarkably spacious facility with everything that you could want from a gym, from a basketball court to a massive selection of weight training and cardio gear to a spa to a track to no fewer than four pools both indoor and outdoor. In case all of this is not enough, all of the amenities are especially well-run and well-maintained, with a diverse array of classes available.

LA Fitness

True, LA Fitness is a sizable chain. However, in the case of the West Chester – Poali Pike location, LA Fitness can hold its own and then some against the formidable choice of locally owned fitness centers in the area. This gym is relatively new, which means new equipment all around. With a spa, sauna, sports courts, juice bar, and requisite cardio equipment, you are unlikely to have trouble incorporating variety in your exercise routine here. Monthly memberships without long-term contracts are available for those who prefer to avoid committing.

Club Fit 247

Club Fit 247 may lack some of the pretense and glitziness of some of the enormous, all-encompassing facilities found elsewhere; however, this gym is about as well managed as it gets, with only top-quality exercise equipment and a staff of dedicated, experienced trainers. If you have a hectic and/or unpredictable schedule, this may be the gym for you.

West Chester Area YMCA

Even with all of the choices available these days, sometimes it is best to go back to the classics. This Y offers an extensive schedule and a varied set of programs and membership options to suit everybody in the family. The convenient location is a bonus.

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